Monday, May 29, 2006

Godly Sorrow


Lord, thank you for producing in me a sorrow that leads to repentance. Thank you for giving to me a sorrow that clings to you for comfort. Your enlightening rays convict me of my wickedness, yet do not leave me in my despair. Your word, which reveals the darkness of my heart, also shows clearly the wonders of your love. You bring me down, only showing what is obviously true, in order to lift me up to where you are.

Lord, may I never tire of your convicting word! May you find every crevice of my inmost being and expose it to the light of your new day. Cleanse me of my dross, which is found in every ounce of my being. Lord, you who are too pure to look upon impurity, yet seek out my darkest corners, all to wash them white as snow. May I never lose sight of your blood! Your own blood pays the price of my own sin. Lord, how can I comprehend it? Blessed mystery! You are righteous. Nothing less than full payment would satisfy your holy requirements. Blessed be your mercy and everlasting kindness. How can I possibly comprehend your great love towards us, your enemies? Lord, so many times I have sorrowed as the world, not seeking after your righteous comfort, but looking only inward to my own dark soul. Yet you sought me out, knowing my need better than myself. Your love for yourself is seen best in my highest good. Blessed be your name!