Sunday, August 2, 2015

Razor Wire Smile

I can't take my razor wire smile
as it cuts me to the quick
the border patrol mile after mile
of my mind makes me sick.

Xenophobic sensibilities
evacuate my soul
hating other ethnicities
ultimately takes its toll.

Ethnic cities sound a lot like
a cacophonous parader
of raucous performances unlike
a monolingual nadir.

Open my eyes that I might see
someone else not quite like us
so that these differences won't be
negatives but a plus.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I loved you.
You loved me.
We loved each other.
We both dreamed.
We both dreamed of love.
We both dreamed of loving into the future.
We talked about children.
We talked about coming off of medication so that children could be safely born.
We talked about being with each other several times.
We were, but not ultimately or intimately.
Sometimes life falls apart.
Sometimes dreams don't come true.
But for that far too short season
You had me and I had you.