Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pray for the Gulf coast

This hurricane looks real bad. Obviously, the initial devestation will be felt in New Orleans, and the sorrounding areas, but if it's as bad as their saying, the after-effects may actually be worse. Even in these dark times, I still believe that God is wholly sovereign, and that His hand is guiding these events, right down to the millibars of the barometric pressure. It was intense watching the news today as the storm approaches. It was especially strange to see the lost souls who are staying behind and drowning their sorrows in the French Quarter the day before they may be drowned literally. Very strange. I also was struck by how many people are flocking to the Superdome, tens of thousands at last count, and almost to a person, obviously poor. The wealthy high-tailed it out of there in their Hummers, SUV's and whatall. These poor folks, the desparately poor, the old, the infirm, the homeless, the very young, all end up being left behind to face this terrible event. Thank God for the truly public servants who have stayed behind to help them. May God protect them all.

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