Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Smithsonian Institute on Human Evolution

Take the time necessary to walk through this very impressive site that goes into extraordinary detail of human origins, and yet in such a way that is accessible to those not familiar with the technical information. It's not coming from anything approaching a "Christian" viewpoint, yet that actually affirms to me that it has gotten a firm grip on the issue. As a Christian I want to be as intellectually honest as possible (since my God is a God of truth). I am a strong believer in "common grace" which exists amongst all people, so science can exist and flourish among those who don't share my theological convictions. Biological evolution isn't a "one off" proposition, it is a cumulative effort that has its strength in the gathered evidence over several scientific disciplines. If all truth is God's truth, then any accurate representation of reality is going to confirm God's authorship. Evolutionary biology in no way contradicts God's creative agency in bring this world about. The only issue is how we read God's two books, natural and special revelation.

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