Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael Spencer 1956-2010

Michael Spencer, also known as the Internet Monk, has passed away today; his body finally succumbing to cancer. His work as a writer in the last several years blessed thousands of fellow Christians with his raw honesty and truly prophetic voice which challenged a church he loved enough to confront. Please keep his wife Denise, his daughter Noel, his son Clay, and his son in law Ryan in your prayers. Michael's suffering has ended and he now stands before Christ our Lord, and the day will come when he stands again in the flesh. But it will be a renewed flesh that will never again see decay.

Let us remember back to when Christ arose from the dead, thus conquering death forever. When we look back to that day, we are reminded that in Him, we will also, though we die, also rise again. I am saddened at losing such a dear friend as Michael even though we never met in person. But my sadness is tempered by the knowledge of Christ's victory over death. Thus I know that death is but a temporary parting for those whose lives are hidden in Christ.

Yesterday we called out to each other christos aneste, alithos aneste! The day will come when we will call out to Michael with new eyes and with new mouths and with new ears Michael aneste, alithos aneste! And it will be a day of great rejoicing and of ultimate and total fulfillment of God's design and desire for this broken world. I long for that day when our lives will be revealed at the revelation of Christ.

Michael, rest in peace.

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