Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Wonderful Conversation Between Robert George and Cornel West

Can we speak to each other beyond our ideological divide? Here, in this BlogginheadsTV conversation between Robert George, a conservative Catholic, and Cornel West, a progressive Baptist, both professors at Princeton University, we see a wonderful possibility of civility and mutual respect even though they sharply disagree with the means to the end of human flourishing. One of the commonalities between them is their Christian faith, which includes a serious assessment of human brokenness, thus leading to a level of humility regarding all systems, whether public or private. Listening to their dialogue, a rare thing in our contentious and divisive ideological environment, spoke to me and my own convictions as few other dialogues have.

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John said...

Some people say that George is the leading Catholic conservative political and cultural spokes-person in the USA.

Perhaps so at a certain refined level this may be true, but at the street level the principal and most influential "conservative" voices are Russ Limbaugh, Glen Beck and all the other raving looneys that infest Fox "news".

Beck is of course treated with a certain degree nudge-nudge-wink-wink "respectability" at First Things, which other-wise champions George.