Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Top 10 Blogs

Internet Monk
The Internet Monk is the brain child of the late Michael Spencer and has been consistently one of my favorite theological blogs out there. Since Michael's passing this past spring from cancer, several other folks have stepped in to carry on the mantle of navigating the Post-Evangelical Wilderness. So far they'r doing an excellent job.

Biologos was founded by Dr. Francis Collins in 2007 in order to help Christians become more familiar with and therefore more comfortable with modern science, especially biological evolution. This has become my go to site for issues of faith and science.

Jesus Creed
Scot McKnight, the author of Jesus Creed, has become my favorite theologian. His blog deals primarily with theological issues, but he isn't afraid to address politics, war, science (frequently), movies, you name it. Always thought provoking.

Vinoth Ramachandra
Vinoth Ramachandra is the new kid on the block when it comes to blogging. But he has quickly distinguished himself by his trenchant critiques of imperialism, consumerism, materialism, and all from an evangelical Christian perspective. I suspect it's because he sees these issues from his perspective as a Sri Lankan who recognizes the idolatries of the left and right, the secular materialist and the violent fundamentalist. Well worth reading!

Little Green Footballs
Charles Johnson, the proprietor of Little Green Footballs, is a jazz musician, computer programmer, and all around news and politics junkie (just like me, minus the jazz and computer parts). If you want to learn about news concerning the rise of the far right, science issues, especially evolution and global warming, or fabulous music clips, LGF is the place to hang.

Mind Hacks
Mind Hacks is a wonderfully entertaining and fascinating blog all about cognitive science. It's enlightening, funny, bizarre, and always worth checking out.

South Jerusalem
South Jerusalem is a blog written by Gershom Gorenberg and Haim Watzman that deal with Israeli politics from a progressive though religious perspective. Consistently good analysis of what's going on in Israel.

Through A Glass Darkly
Through A Glass Darkly is a wonderful blog written by a friend of mine, David Opderbeck, that deals primarily with issues of faith and science, especially evolutionary science.

Andrew Sullivan
The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan is consistently enjoyable reading even if I don't agree with him all of the time. It's also one of the most prolific blogs out there, posting numerous times every day. Always worth checking out.

The Way of Improvement Leads Home
The Way of Improvement Leads Home is also a new blog that I've only recently started following. But it has wowed me with its handling of issues of America's founding and the role of religion, always a very contentious and thorny issue. They are one of the few sites I've seen that's actually "fair and balanced" when it comes to this issue!

Obviously there could be many more, and these are listed in no particular order, so don't assume primacy by the order listed.

What would you list as your favorite blogs?

Exploring Our Matrix
Here's one that I intended to include all along, but mixed it up with another blog above. This is the one written by my friend James McGrath, which like David's blog above, also deals extensively with faith and science issues. Always worth the read! (hopefully this is my last edit on this post!)

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