Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revisioning the norm which norms every other norm. AKA, gender, sexuality, disability and race revisited.

Wow. This list is amazing and eye opening. And it reminds me that I could easily substitute gender with race, abilism (contra the term disability), or sexuality as far as the "norm" is concerned.

As a white male fully abled (by some standards) heterosexual, I KNOW that the deck is inherently stacked in my favor from the get go.

My life experience has taught me that I get to be the "chameleon" in social settings just by my status. In other words, I can "fit in" in other social settings simply because of my station in life.

But if we're to live out the true Christian witness, which is self sacrificial, yet at the same time acknowledging our inherent self worth as divine image bearers, we MUST own "otherness" as our own identity, precisely because God, through Christ Jesus, entered into our VERY "other" reality in the incarnation.

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Austin Post said...

I like you find myself transcending two worlds. I feel sometimes like I can never live up to what I call the three Cs, Conservative Christian Correctness (the conservative Christian version of political correctness). At the same time I think being a Christian requires me to take some stances that are not necessarily PC in the secular world. I've come to realize that unless you embrace either extreme you really don't have a "side."