Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back from NY, next stop, Boston and Gordon Conwell Seminary!

What a week. I get back at 2:30am Monday morning after driving 15 hours from NY. Upon coming into Michigan I realize I'm not supposed to move to NY, but I'm not supposed to stay in Holland either. It dawns on me that my long dormant and delayed dream of Gordon Conwell Seminary may finally come true. Each day this week I've taken a step and so far so good. My transcript from Hope College is heading to GCTS as we speak. I've gotten part of the online application done. I've got three people to write the recommendation letters. I hope to have my own essays done by tonight, or at the latest, by Monday. Thankfully, since it's now an online process, once I'm done, it's received by them instantaneously. I can almost taste the lobster and clams! I hope they still do the seafood cookout for new students!

It's strange how events can change so fast. I shouldn't be surprised of course. God has long worked that way in my life. Whether 12 years ago this week when I first came out to Holland to attend Hope College on very short notice, or even further back, when God worked His strange grace through my homelessness when I was 21. Or more recently, when He worked through a convicting (literally!) grace nearly three years ago. In all of these events, God has reminded me each and every time that He has always been in the midst of my circumstances. It's just that my typical hard heart and hard head needed a glaring flashing light in my face before I would recognize His face in that light. I am and always will be grateful for the various ways that God has used the people around me to intervene in my life. His love is truly beyond comprehension.

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