Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jennifer Knapp's new album Letting Go



Matthew Johnston said...


What are your thoughts on Jen Knapp openly embracing both homosexuality and Christiaity?

Calling herself a "gay Christian".....


Irenicum said...

Matt, it's an issue that I definitely have difficulty with reconciling. Scripture is very clear on the issue of sexuality, but I also believe our sexuality is largely a natural phenomenon and therefore isn't "chosen" by most people. But that doesn't make the behavior morally neutral. As to the question of whether someone can be a "gay Christian," the answer in my mind is yes, but with qualifications. I've had gay friends throughout my life, some Christian, some not. I think if someone struggles with it and approaches Scripture faithfully, they will attempt to live a God honoring life of celibacy. I know my gay friends will find that idea to be very offensive, in that I'm saying they should shut down a very deep part of who they are as human beings, while me, who is straight, can enjoy sex without any guilt as long as it's in marriage.

My libertarian impulses definitely collide with my Christian understanding. I believe the church should be faithful to the biblical witness. But I also believe that those of differing sexualities should be afforded full civil rights. I guess I see a strong divide between the secular and the holy. The whole "Two Kingdom" thing. Thanks for the question Matt.

Blessings, Irenicum